Know who is online without opening WhatsApp


Do you wait for someone to come online on WhatsApp before messaging? If your answer is yes, then this news is very useful for you. In this report, we will tell you a trick, so that you will be able to know who is online on WhatsApp without opening WhatsApp app. The special thing is that you do not have to open your WhatsApp app nor to go online yourself to check the status online. Let's know ...

This app will have to be downloaded on the phone

Before telling the trick, we alert you that this work will be done through a third-party app and you also know that third-party apps are not safe for phones. Now if you want to know who is online without coming online yourself, then by going to Google, you will have to search GBWhatsApp and then download this APK file from the link found.

How to use the app

After downloading the app, go to its settings

Now select the Main / Chat screen option

Select the Contact Online Toast option

Now choose Show to contact online toast

After this, whenever the contact selected by you comes online, you will get an instant notification.