Jio sparked with 51 days validity offer, now 2GB of data available every day at a low price


With the arrival of Jio, the telecom market is witnessing new stairs of success. Because of the arrival of Jio, 4G internet was available in the market for the first time. As well as the arrival of Jio, data and calling prices have also been much lower than before. Before the arrival of Jio, people used to have 1GB of data throughout the month. At that time people had to pay a price of 300 to ₹ 400 for 1GB of data.

But a lot has changed since the arrival of Jio. Now people are able to use 1.5GB data per day on ₹ 399 recharge. Whose validity is received for 84 days. Not only this, a cheap offer of 51 days validity has been made available in the telecom market by the Jio Company. In which live customers are provided 2GB of data per day. Overall, in this offer of Jio, 102 Gb data is provided to live customers.

The price offered by Jio for the offer which we are talking about is the ₹ 251. Apart from this, this offer has been included in the data booster plan by the company. For your information, please tell us that there has been a lot of change in the market due to the arrival of Jio. Those people who have never used the internet, now they are also using the internet for affordable prices. Because of Ji, now everybody is seen running the internet and people are moving forward by learning a lot from the internet.