Jio 5G vs Airtel 5G: Click here to know whose 5G is fastest and better in both 


There has been some good news for the last few days regarding the introduction of 5G in India. The news came to the fore earlier this week, according to which the trial of the Airtel 5G network working on a 3.5GHz band has started in Gurugram. Not only this but the speed of Airtel's 5G network was also shown in a video. Apart from this, two days later the news came that the giant Reliance Jio has also started a 5G trial in Mumbai.

But, now after the 5G trial of these two, questions have started about whose 5G will be the best, which company will provide better 5G service, and what is the difference between the 5G of both the companies.

Download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) were available during the Airtel 5G trial. At the same time, an upload speed of 100 Mbps was seen in this trial. However, no information about the speed was revealed in Jio's 5G trial. But, during the 5G trial conducted by Jio in the US last year, the speed of 1 Gbps was recorded. Apart from this, according to the latest report by Ookla, India is at 130th position in the list of mobile internet speed. However, this ranking can be expected to improve after the arrival of 5G.

At present, Airtel and Jio customers will not be able to experience 5G network during the trial, even if they have a smartphone with 5G support. Actually, at present, the government has not allowed companies to test with customers. The devices that operators use for such testing require a specific software update from their manufacturer's side so that they can be tested before the public rollout of this network.