Is your smartphone waterproof or water-resistant, understand in detail


Apple has been fined $ 12 million in Italy for its iPhone 12 found to be wrong with water resistance claims. The debate over whether Apple's claims were misunderstood or indeed the claims were not found to be true, but water resistance needs to be understood properly in relation to smartphones. What is waterproof or water-resistant or water repellent, let's know in detail ...


If your device is equipped with water-resistant, it means that it is very difficult to get water inside the phone. This technique is used in many watches, in which even after a few splashes of water, there is no harm to the watch. Similarly, there is no harm due to water drops on smartphones equipped with water resistance. But this does not mean that you make the mistake of putting your phone in water. Water-resistance should not be understood as waterproof. Very few electronics are truly waterproof.

Water-resistant phones use IP ratings for the device. Ratings range from one to nine in terms of water resistance. Of these, nine are considered the best. Water-resistance ratings apply only in certain conditions and are not available in the world. IP ratings are measured from one to nine depending on the experiment performed in the labs, while the conditions are quite different in the global environment. For example, freshwater is used in the laboratory, whereas water generally contains a variety of salts and chemicals. These ratings can save the phone from a mistake once dropped in the bucket, but hardly anyone would advise clicking photos inside the swimming pool.

Water repellent

If your phone is equipped with water repellent technology, then it means that a thin film has been mounted on your phone or device, which will not let the water in the phone. This film is applied to the device from both inside and outside. Most companies create a hydrophobic surface on the phone to protect the device from water, with no water impact on the device. A device equipped with this technology can stay in the water longer than a normal device.


Many smartphones come with waterproof certification, which means that the phone is safe underwater. Not only this, but this phone can also be used for underwater photography.

So while buying the phone, carefully check that your phone is waterproof or water-resistant or water repellent in which category, otherwise there will be a big loss.