International Yoga Day: According to experts, the best yoga app for ios, also know the important things


Today i.e. on 21st June, International Yoga Day is being celebrated not only in India but in many countries of the world. There is a belief about yoga that it is a physical exercise, but the truth is that it is a physical as well as a mental exercise. Establishing a connection with the breath is very important during yoga. Today, on the special occasion of this International Yoga Day, we have talked to Yoga Trainer and Certified Strength Fitness Trainer Nidhi Mohan Kamal about some iOS apps. He has told us about some of the best yoga apps. Let's know...

Breathe App

If you have an Apple Watch then you must have known about the Breathe app. This app tells you about breathing exercises. This app gives you a reminder for exercise every day and you can also set a reminder by changing its settings. It is very important to remain still and calm during breathing exercises. As the animation progresses in the Breathe app, you have to inhale and as it decrease, you have to exhale.

High Vibes Yoga

Music also plays an important role in yoga and meditation. If you also want to enjoy great music during yoga, then iOS also has the High Vibes Yoga Music app for you. In this, you can create playlists according to your own. There are many types of relaxing music in it.

Ultra Human

If you want to do yoga by watching yoga videos then this Ultra Human app is perfect for you. You can download this from Apple's App Store. This app tells you about everything from sleeping to yoga. This app has been designed for both newbies to yoga as well as those with a little knowledge.


YogiFi is the best app for yoga. This yoga has been designed keeping in mind the every need and question of the learners. In this app you will get online videos like yoga. In this, you can also design the program according to your need.


If you want to do yoga to de-stress and positivity then Aura is the best app for you. There are many 3-minute videos given in this, by watching which you can try to reduce stress.