Instagram launches short video feature reels in India, know how it works


Instagram has officially announced the launch of short video feature reels in India. The demand for short video apps has increased in India since the banning of TicketLock, which many tech companies want to take full advantage of.

A few days ago YouTube also said that it is going to release the short video feature in the app soon. After Brazil, the reels feature of Instagram is being launched in France, Germany, and now India. The update of the Reels feature of Instagram will start in India today i.e. at 8.30 pm on July 8.

To use the Reels feature, users have to log in to the Instagram app. After this, after opening the camera, you will get the option of Reels, by clicking on it you will be able to create a short video of 15 seconds. For music, there will be an option of online, Instagram library, and phone library.

Users will also have the option to slow down or speed up any part of the video. According to Facebook India Vice President and Managing Direct Ajit Mohan, 45% of videos posted on Instagram are of 15 seconds or less duration.

After the Chinese apps ban, many short video apps have been launched in India including apps like Roposo, Mitra, Spark, Moj, and Hypatia. The downloading of many of these apps has reached crores in just one month.