Innovation: Mind Reading Helmet Launched, You Can Buy It Too, Know Price


Efforts are being made to read the human mind for the last many years, but success has been achieved only now. An American company named Kernel has launched a helmet that is capable of reading the human mind. It is claimed that this helmet can tell by speaking the thoughts going on in one's mind. The cost of this special helmet of Kernel is $ 50,000 in the US i.e. about 37 lakh rupees. Various types of sensors and electronic diodes are fitted in this helmet, which read the things going on in the human brain according to the data of blood flow etc. Even before this, there was such a device, but its size was equal to a room and it was also very expensive.

Removing the problem with the earlier device, Kernel has launched this helmet which you can wear and travel anywhere. This helmet will prove to be no less than a boon for those who are suffering from mental disorders or stroke. According to Kernel, this particular helmet will be launched in the market soon. The company says that brain tests are very expensive. In this case, this helmet will prove to be very helpful. The company's CEO Brian Johnson said that it takes five years to prepare and about Rs, 815 crores has been spent on it.

According to Johnson, tests for heart, brain, blood, and even DNA are currently cheap, but brain tests are very complex and expensive. Johnson expects help from the government for this project. There are plans to first make this helmet available in organizations that do brain research. Johnson says he wants the cost of smartphones to drop by 2030 and every American has this helmet in their home. Johnson believes that after the arrival of this helmet, people will take their mental disorder seriously.