Information: Why were many websites around the world suddenly closed on June 8?


On June 8, 2021, many websites in America and Europe were suddenly closed, after which there was an outcry. No one could understand what had happened, due to which thousands of major websites came to a standstill. Even the official website of the United Kingdom was shut down. Due to this internet shutdown, news websites from Spotify to Twitch, Reddit, and news portals like CNN, Financial Times, The Guardian, BBC New York Times, etc. were down for a long time. Error 503 Service Unavailable and Connection Failure messages started appearing on all the websites. So the question is, why did this happen, let's try to understand it...

Britain started

Britain has not officially accepted it, but according to a report, the website's stagnation started from Britain itself. According to Downdetector, it started around 11 am in the UK. After this, US users also complained about the website being down. Millions of dollars would have been lost due to several websites being stalled for hours at a time, although no exact figure has been revealed at the moment.

What was the reason for the website being down?

This type of outage is usually caused by the Internet service provider. These websites were stalled due to a problem with the popular CDN provider Fastly. Fastly also confirmed the outage on its site, although Fastly has not yet specified what caused the issue. Let us tell you that Fastly is a cloud service provider company of America. According to the information given on Fastly's a website, it saves some data of all the websites on its server, so that the speed of the website remains intact.

What do CDN provider companies do?

Simply put, just understand that the entire Internet infrastructure is focused on CDN provider companies. There are many companies like Fastly, which are providing their services to all the websites around the world. These companies have servers and data centers in many countries. The data (duplicate data) of websites would also be stored on the servers of these companies. The advantage of this would be that when a customer visits a website, the load of the customer does not fall on the actual website, but on the CDN provider's website. Due to this, the speed of the actual website remains good. Such incidents have happened many times before.