Indian corona vaccine manufacturer targets Russian hackers: Microsoft


Scientists and doctors from all over the world are busy making the corona vaccine, but many gangs of hackers have also become active to divert their hard work. Microsoft has warned through a report that scientists and doctors making the Corona vaccine in India can be a victim of cyber-attack at any time.

Microsoft reports say, researchers, medical companies, and scientists working on the Corona vaccine in India, Canada, France, South Korea, and the US are targeted by Russian hackers, although Microsoft in its report said people working on the vaccine Or the name of the companies are not given. Around seven Indian companies are working on the Corona vaccine.

According to the report, the group of Russian hackers who monitor vaccine makers are Fancy Bear, Zinc, Strontium, and Cerium. Microsoft's corporate, Vice President (Customer Security and Trust) said in a statement that the hacker's group is using force login to steal the Strontium deal.

At the same time, the group named Zinc is adopting a method of pishing attack for hacking. This group is constantly sending suspicious messages to people. Claims like job offers are being made in these messages. Cerium is also using the same method. This group is also trying to hack people by sending e-mails. Let me tell you that ransomware attacks occurred in American hospitals recently.