India's ranking falls in Internet speed, Average speed of the mobile network is 12.91Mbps


India has lost one ranking again in terms of mobile and broadband internet speeds. In Ookla's December 2020 Global Internet Speedtest Index, India has been ranked 129th in mobile internet speed, while India has been ranked 65th in terms of broadband speed. Qatar has made a quantum jump in new indexing. Qatar has overtaken South Korea and the United Arab Emirates in terms of internet speed. Thailand has overtaken Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of broadband internet speed.

Average Mobile Speed ​​in India

According to Okla's December 2020 report, the average downloading speed of mobile internet in India has come down by 4.4 percent to 12.91Mbps from 13.51Mbps in November 2020, although India has seen an improvement in mobile uploading speed. The mobile uploading speed in India has been 1.4% higher in December as compared to November. The mobile uploading speed was 4.90Mbps in November which reached 4.90Mbps in December.

Mobile downloading speed in Qatar 178.01Mbps

According to the Speedtest Global Index, the average mobile downloading speed in Qatar has been 178.01Mbps, while the average mobile downloading speed in the United Arab Emirates is 177.52Mbps. South Korea ranks third in terms of average mobile speed with a speed of 169.03Mbps. China and Australia remain at number four and fifth respectively. The average mobile in these two countries is 155.89Mbps and 112.68Mbps respectively.

India at 65th position in broadband speed

India ranks 65 in the Global Broadband Speed ​​ranking. The average speed of broadband internet in India is 53.90Mbps, while the average uploading speed has been 50.75Mbps. Explain that the broadband internet speed in India was 52.02Mbps in November, while the uploading speed was 48.57Mbps. In this case, both speeds have increased.

Thailand has won in terms of broadband speed. The average downloading speed of broadband in Thailand in December 2020 was 308.35Mbps compared to 260.86Mbps in November. Singapore is second with a speed of 245.31Mbps. Hong Kong has suffered this time. Hong Kong has slipped from number two to number three with an average speed of 226.80Mbps.