If your smartphone is also hot, then immediately stop these 3 things from the phone 


The heating of the smartphone is a big problem of the phone these days, people are worried about the heating of their smartphone, many times we have seen that the mobile phone catches fire, but today we are telling you the best solution to this problem. , That heat your mobile phone.

Internet: Data has now become cheaper and has also come in reach, so nowadays people use internet all day on a smartphone, the phone starts heating up due to long usage.

Brightness: Most people always keep the brightness of the display of their smartphone full, due to which the display not only heats up, as well as the phone's processor also starts working more, due to which the entire phone becomes hot.

Background Apps: It is common that people install many such apps in their smartphones which are not used for months. Now when your phone is on, all these apps take up their own space and do their work due to which the battery is consumed, so apart from opening many tabs, they remain in the background, which cannot be closed. Due to this, they keep running and consume more battery due to which the phone starts heating up.