If your smartphone has fallen in water, do it immediately!


In today's time, if a smartphone is the one thing that counts among the most important things. We depend on smartphones for every single small need. We carry the phone everywhere. Many times we take the phone to the bathroom as well. In such a situation, the phone sometimes falls into the water.

After the phone falls into the water, it has to be repaired, which costs a lot, but today we are going to tell you the tips with which you can fix your smartphone.

If your phone accidentally falls into water, then first of all, take it out of the water as soon as possible, in fact some smartphones have waterproof coating due to which it is known to remain safe in water for few seconds.

After removing the phone from water, turn it off as soon as possible. By doing this, the power supply of the phone is turned off and there is no disturbance in its circuit etc.

If the phone can be opened, then remove its battery SIM card, memory card, stylus, case, cover etc.

After this, wipe the phone thoroughly with dry cloth and dry it so that the phone is not damaged much. For this you can take the help of dryer or you can close it in a dry bag and leave the phone in rice for about 48 hours.

Do not turn on the phone before that time to see if it has started running because if there is not much damage in the water or else your mobile can stop working forever.

However, let us tell you that after making all the efforts mentioned here, you don't need to get the phone right after going into the water.