If you are troubled by the phone's storage then here is the solution, the phone will run like butter


If there is a phone, then it will also have photo-videos and there will be many necessary apps with them. The phone has become an important part of our life today, but many times we start having problems with this phone. Many times there is a problem due to hangs, sometimes there is a problem due to storage. Now if you are facing phone storage every time, then this news is for you. In this report, we will show you how to get rid of the problem of excess mobile storage. Let's know ...

Use the cleaning app: Users often use many cleaning apps when the phone's memory increases. Use Google's Files by Google app instead. It also acts as a cleaning app. In this, many things are shown at once, such as junk files, duplicate files, mimes, large files, etc. Its use can reduce storage significantly.

Delete the temperature file. Storage can also be reduced by deleting the cache in the phone. For this, go to storage and open apps and you can clear the cache. A cache is a temporary file that the phone stores. The entire cache file can be deleted simultaneously by going to the phone's storage.

Use cloud storage: Photos and videos consume the most memory in the phone, so to save storage, it is better to use Google Photos or other cloud storage service and relax the phone's storage. Now many mobile companies are also offering cloud storage. In such a situation, you can keep your files on the server instead of the phone using cloud storage.