If you also want to keep the location of your smartphone with you at all times, then make this change in the settings today!


Many times your personal data is at risk of being stolen due to our mistakes, but today we will tell you the tricks that can prevent you from hacking or stealing your smartphone's data to banking, social media information.

You should use fingerprinting, face unlock, PIN present in your smartphone because if ever the smartphone falls, you will not be able to use your personal data incorrectly.

Use anti-virus in the smartphone, in addition to hackers, the phone will work to protect you from the virus, in the antivirus; you will get such features, with the help of which you will be able to know the location of the phone when it is stolen, while you can also see the photo of the thief through this app...

By using Factor Authentication, no one will be able to hack your account, through Factor Authentication, if anyone even knows the password of your account, then you can rest assured that OTP will come to your registered mobile number first and only then your account will open

If you change the password of your wallet app while keeping it logged out, then it would be better because no one will be able to shop with your wallet if your phone is stolen; besides you keep updating your smartphone so that hackers won't be able to steal your personal data.