If someone blocked you on WhatsApp, then message him in this way


If you have been blocked on WhatsApp by your friend or a family member, you do not have to worry. Today we will tell you here a special way, through which you will be able to message the user who has blocked you. Let's know the whole way…

To send a message to a blocking user, you have to take the help of yourself and his common friend or family member. Only then you can send a message to that user and keep your point.

After doing so your friend or family member (common user) will create a WhatsApp group. In this group you will be, your common friend or family member and he will also be the one who has blocked you. Please tell that your friend will add the user who blocked you.

Although it sounds a bit funny to listen to, your friend who makes the group will leave the group.

Now you and your friend or family member in this group will be saved who blocked you. Now you can convince the friend or family member by sending a message to the group.