How much power does a 100 percent Made in India speaker have?


Domestic company Mivi launched Mivi ROAM 2 wireless speaker last month. Miwi claims that this speaker is 100% Made in India. From the idea of ​​this speaker to the designing and launching in the market, the entire planning has been done in India. Miwi's manufacturing plant is in Hyderabad. Roam 2 is a 5-watt capacity wireless speaker, which the company has claimed for 24 hours of playback due to its battery life. The price of this speaker has been kept at Rs 1,199. Let's know in the review how much power is there in this speaker of Miwi?

Design of Mivi ROAM 2

The design of this mini speaker is also handy and compact. The front has a frame made of aluminum, the round corner is of rubbed rubber, while the back panel is of plastic. A hanger is also available with the speaker which makes it easy to use. The speaker's corner is curved. The gripping of the speaker is good. It does not slip easily from any surface.

According to the company's claim, this speaker is completely water and dustproof, although no information has been given about the IP rating. The power, volume, and pause buttons are placed at the top, hanger on the left and right 3.5 mm aux port inside a cover and micro USB charging port. We liked the design, finishing, and build quality of the MiVi ROM 2.

Mivi ROAM 2 performance

Bluetooth 5.0 has been given in this speaker for connectivity. For great battery backup, it has a large 2000mAh battery. Usually, such a large battery is not available in any speaker of this range. It is a 5-watt speaker but the voice is sufficient for one room and single-use. You can connect two MiVi speakers according to your need.

We also used this speaker with MI QLED TV during the review. Audio quality is clear and satisfactory. According to the company's claim, Mivi ROAM 2 does not have super bass but there is so much bass that you will not complain. That is to say, the bass is great.

The quality of the voice does not deteriorate when the speaker is used at full volume. Talking about calling, there is no wireless speaker for legual conversation. It is difficult to talk from a distance, but there is a relaxed conversation. We have used it with both Android and iOS devices. We got a good result.

Now as far as the battery is concerned, this speaker can be used continuously for 17 hours at around 25-30 volumes, while if you use it at full volume, you will get 8-10 hours backup comfortably. So the battery life of the Mivi ROAM 2 speaker will be said to be good. Perhaps a speaker with such battery life in the range of Rs 1,200-1,500 will be found.