How much do you watch online video? Google told the real record of Indians


One out of every three Indian, on an average, watches more than an hour of online video every day. It has been said in a report by Google.

According to the report, Hindi is at the top with 54 Percent by online video. It is followed by English (16 Percent), Telugu (7), Kannada (6), Tamil (5) and Bangla (3 percent).

According to the report, this year, the number of people watching online videos of different regions, demographics and socio-economic backgrounds in India is estimated to increase to 500 million.

Google said in the report that about 37 percent of the people watching online videos in India are from rural areas.

Google's report 'Understanding India's Online Video Viewer' is based on a survey among more than 6,500 people. About 73 Percent of them were aged between 15–34 years.

It was found that the average daily time to watch online video is 67 minutes. The report said, "Even new Internet users are watching an average of 56 minutes of online video every day ... About four platforms are used regularly and three other platforms occasionally."