How Google Map gets live traffic information, learn here


Google Map keeps you updated with accurate information about live traffic at all times. But do you know where Google gets such accurate information about live traffic? Has Google installed a device to provide traffic information at all intersections? This is not possible at all. If that were the case, Google would not be able to provide traffic information from anywhere other than the intersection. Now you will say that this is done with the help of a satellite. But even this is not possible. Let us tell you where Google Map gets live traffic information.

Your mobile provides information to Google

Actually, Google gets live traffic information from your mobile. Google keeps tracking the location of your Android and iOS users. With the help of which Google gets traffic information. Google marks the place of the road where the more mobile phone is found, Google marks it as a traffic jam and marks that particular place with red color so that people get live traffic information. is. Please tell that from this jugaad every person had created a fake traffic jam. Actually, the person created a fake traffic jam by placing 90 active mobiles in a small trolley. However, it is not the case that Google Map only gets live traffic information from your mobile phone. Google also receives live traffic information from many other sources. It also includes the Google Map community. Also, Google is inventing new tools