Headphones are becoming the sweet poison for the ears, 10 people are reaching the hospital every day


Headphones are not being used for the first time today. Headphones have been in use since Walkman's time, although it has always been instructed that long-term use of headphones is not good for the ears. Many times in the army too many people were not recruited due to excessive use of headphones. At the same time, during the Corona epidemic, the use of headphones has increased a lot. While most people have to work from home, students also have an online class, but in such a situation the use of earphones has increased and doctors say that they have more people with complaints of ear pain, discomfort, and infection. Are coming

According to medical experts, people have started using headphones and earphones for many hours for the last eight months, due to which these complaints have increased. Dr. Srinivas Chavan, head of the ENT department of the government-run JJ Hospital in Mumbai, said that all these complaints were directly related to prolonged use of headphones.

He said that five to 10 people are coming daily to the ear, nose, and throat department (ENT) of the hospital with such complaints. He said that most of them use headphones for more than eight hours to work, which puts a lot of emphasis on the ears and can spread the infection.

At the same time, by listening to it, the ability to hear is being weakened by listening to the loud voice for many hours. If people do not change their habits then their ears can suffer permanent damage. He said that ear waxes cause germs to die naturally and cause infection, but the use of cotton to clean the ears removes the protective wax (wax-like substance) and protects the inner ear from germ infections. The risk increases.

School children should avoid using headphones: They said, 'However, school children should not use headphones. If they are connecting to an online classes through a laptop or computer then their voice is enough. He said, 'As soon as classes are restored within the school, I am afraid that a large number of children will complain of ear problems.