Government orders Internet companies to block WeTransfer


In India, the dispute over file-sharing site WeTransfer is increasing. Recently the Telecommunication Department of the Government of India had banned WeTransfer and now the Government has asked all the Internet service providers of the country to block WeTransfer on their network.

Public interest and national security are said to be the reason for the discontinuation of Retransfer. Let us know that due to the lockdown, millions of people are doing work from home in the country, and during this time they are using Vetransfer only to send large files. In such a situation, millions of people will be affected by this decision of the government.

WeTransfer has also informed its users about the block in India through a blog. The blog says that the company is trying to understand why it has been blocked after the Indian government imposed such a ban.

Let us know that Vetransfer started in the Netherlands in 2009. With this website, users can send files up to 2 GB in size to anyone at once. At the same time, a file up to 20 GB can be sent to any corner of the country and the world on payment.