Government of India warns, fake oximeter app can make you fool


Indians have the expertise to turn disaster into an opportunity. No matter what the disaster is, people turn it into a profitable opportunity. A recent survey revealed that 50 percent of sanitizers sold in cities like Delhi and Mumbai are fake or that they pose a health threat. This is also an example of an opportunity in disaster. There is the same situation with oximeter. The shops are flooded with fake oximeters. Meanwhile, the government has alerted people about the Oximeter mobile app.

Cyber ​​hackers are tricking people with fake mobile apps. The cyber unit of the central government has issued an advisory by tweeting that users should not download the oximeter app from an unknown URL. Apps that claim to test oxygen levels in users may be fake. They can steal personal data, biometric information.

Health institutions are being told repeatedly that if there is a lack of oxygen in one's blood, then one needs to be more careful. In this situation, the demand for oximeter has increased. Now, oximeters are also easily available in the market for 500 rupees.

You will be surprised to know that such oximeters have come in the market which is also showing the level of blood oxygen in the folded paper, toothbrush, pencil, etc. Such oximeters can be fatal for you. Oxygen readings are already fed in such an oximeter.

So if you blindly download any oximeter machine or oximeter app, then this habit needs to be changed. Use only a good brand and certified oximeter. Please tell that in any case, the level of oxygen in the blood should not be less than 88 percent, if it happens then you should see a doctor immediately.