Google will save money: increasing prices of petrol and diesel will not bother anymore, Google maps new feature will save fuel!


Recently, Google held an annual Google I / O developer conference, in which Google said that Google Map is going to be updated soon. In the new update, Google has talked about helping to reduce carbon emissions. This means that such a feature is going to come in Google Map, which will help the vehicles to spend less fuel. The new update will not only provide a better Street View than before but also better navigation routes. New updates will be released in the coming month.

Non-stop driving initiative

As Google has said to help reduce carbon emissions, in a new update, Google Maps will now adjust routes that are less congested and require the driver to apply fewer brakes and drive non-stop. Will be able to go. The advantage of this will be that the journey will be easier and fuel will also be saved. For this, Google will use the help of machine learning technology. In this annual conference, Alphabet Company also introduced a new layout of Google Maps.

Divyang people will also get the benefit

Apart from this, Google also revealed that it is making street maps even better so that people walking can be easily routed. Divyang people will also get the benefit of this. On the street, Google will now show the pavement and the width of the street, as well as the live view feature on the map, which will now show virtual street signs as well as indoor navigation of some buildings.

The car will start from a smartphone

Recently, Google has revealed the 'digital car key'. This Android smartphone is based on technology, which is given in the new Android 12 OS. In this, users will be able to lock the car, unlock it, even start the car from their smartphone. Google will use 'digital car key' near field communication (NFC) and ultra-wideband radio technology. The car will automatically unlock itself as soon as the app is ordered to unlock the car. At the same time, this 'remote key' can also be shared with friends and they will also be able to use your car.