Google search in Australia stopped receiving news, government reprimanded


In Australia, Google has stopped showing news in its search results. This was revealed by the websites complaining. Google has accepted the ban as a policy change. At the same time, the Australian government has reprimanded Google for the secret ban.

In response, Australia treasurer Josh Friedenberg expressed displeasure that instead of blocking content, Google should prepare to pay for these news reports.

Google has clarified that it has made these changes as an experiment on one percent of the total Google users in Australia. This experiment will run until February. In fact, the Government of Australia is bringing legislation on many tech companies including Google, Facebook, under which they will have to pay money from the income they are making by showing the content of news institutions.

Data related to user choice is also being asked to be shared with the two broadcasting institutes here. If they do not do so, then the government-appointed officer will decide how much money the companies pay.

Facebook threatens

Facebook is also opposing Australia's new law. It had recently threatened that if the law came into force it would prevent users in Australia from sharing news on their platforms.

The facebook-Twitter market value decreased by Rs 3.77 lakh crore

The market value of Facebook and Twitter has decreased by 3.77 lakh crore in just two days after US President Donald Trump was banned on his social media platform. Shareholders have sold a large number of its shares.