Google pay gets new update now you can control on your expenditure, google will help you, Know the full details


Google has completely redesigned its digital payment app Google Pay. Google claims that the new change will help Google Pay users to save money. Also, users will be able to monitor their expenses. The new changes of Google Pay will be for iOS users with Android. However, from the beginning of Google, the change in Google Pay has been done for US users only. However, soon Google Pay will be updated in the rest of the world including India.

What will be the change?

In the old app of Google Pay, you used to see bank card details and recent transactions on the home page. But not only transaction details will be found in the new Google Pay app, but users will be able to check their daily expenses. In the new app, you will also get a messaging tool along with digital payment. In the Google Pay app redesign app, the user will be able to track the people who do the most transactions. Also if you click on a contact, then all the old transaction details with it will be visible. It will appear in a chat click bubble. In this chatbox, you will get a payment option, where you will be able to see money request, bill.

Will control at the expense of waste

There will also be a group chat feature in Google Pay, where you will be able to contribute to a group. Also, you will be able to see who has done the transaction and who has not. The best feature of Google Pay is the financial management system. This means that on connecting the card to the app from the user, you will be able to monitor all your expenses on a single click. Also, the Monthly Vice will be able to see the list of his expenses. At the same time, if you spend more at a dinner or party and shopping, then Google will also warn you about it. This will help the user to control their expenses.

Google Pay working on new features

At the same time, the company is also working on a new feature, which will alert you on sending money to the wrong person. Also, you can get the option to customize some new privacy control features. If you talk about privacy, then Google Pay says that user data is not shared with any third party on its behalf.