Google Pay: Big update in Google Pay, will be able to send money from the USA to India


Google Pay has released a new update giving great convenience to its millions of users. Google Pay users will now be able to send money from the US to India and Singapore as well. For this, Google Pay has partnered with Western Union and Wise. The company has not given any information about when this feature will be released to other countries, but it is being said that this feature of Google Pay will soon be launched in 280 countries.

Google has given information about this new service in its blog, which says that unlimited money can be sent for free from Google Play through Western Union, although the free service is only till June 16. On the other hand, if you send money through Wise, the first transfer of up to $ 500 is free. After the free service is over, Google has not told about how much money per transaction will cost.

Another thing to note here is that through Google Pay, American users will not be able to send money to any business account in India or Singapore. This facility is only for family and friends. Apart from this, Indian users cannot send money to America.

If you are in the US and want to send money to a family member or a friend in India, then you have to click on the Pay button and then choose either Western Union or Wise. After this, the amount will have to be entered and then the payment will be made. There will also be two options for receiving payment before sending payment, out of which you have to choose either UPI or Cash Pickup.