Google Meet puts a time limit on group calls, now users will not be able to enjoy unlimited calling


American technology company Google has put a time limit on its video calling app Google Meet. Now Google Meet users will be able to host group video calls for just 60 minutes. This time limit has been implemented for those users who are using Google Meet for free. Let us tell you that the company announced last year that it will not impose a time limit on video calls until June 2021.

According to Google, three or more users will be able to make video calls for 60 minutes on Google Meet. At 55 minutes, all users will get a notification that the video call is about to expire. The video call will end at 60 minutes.

One-on-one will be free as before

One-on-one calls on Google Meet will remain free as before. There is no time limit on this. According to Google, users can make one-on-one calls for up to 24 hours.

Google upgrade pack price

The upgrade pack of Google Meet costs $ 7 i.e. around Rs 740. This pack is available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. After purchasing the upgrade pack, users will be able to make group video calls for 24 hours on Google Meet.

Auto-zoom feature

Let us tell you that Google introduced a special feature for Google Meet users in April, which is named Auto-Zoom feature. With the help of this feature, other users will be able to easily see the user hosting the group call. When the user moves the slightest during a video call, this feature will automatically focus on his face. The company believes that this feature will be of great use to the users. Apart from this, the bottom bar will be added with the control button in Google Meet. With its help, users will be able to control video calls easily.