Google launches second cloud region in Delhi-NCR, users will get better services


American tech company Google has announced to create its new cloud region in India's capital Delhi and NCR. Through this cloud sector, the demand of customers around the world will be met. However, there is no information related to the investment made in this cloud sector. Let us tell you that Google has the second such setup in the country and the 10th setup in the province of Asia.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian has said that we have seen an increasing demand for Google Cloud services in India. That's why we're expanding the cloud area. This will lead to the development of the country as well as the people in the years to come. He has further said that this new infrastructure will help India to deal with problems like a disaster.

With the advent of Google's new cloud region, Indian users will get better services. This cloud space will give tough competition to big tech companies like Amazon Web and Microsoft, which are currently engaged in expanding their network.

JioPhone Next

Let us tell you that Google and Jio together have prepared JioPhone Next. The price of this phone has not been disclosed. But Jio's chairman Mukesh Ambani claims that it will be the cheapest smartphone not only in India but in the world. This device has been specially designed for Indian users. Talking about the feature, a single camera will be given in JioPhone Next.

Along with this, the optimized Android operating system will be supported in the phone, which has been prepared by Google. At the same time, this smartphone will be equipped with the latest features like Google Assistant, language translation, and augmented reality filters. Apart from this, updates will also be given from time to time to protect the personal data of users on the device.

The expected price of JioPhone Next

According to the media reports that have come out so far, the price of JioPhone Next can be kept below Rs 5000. However, the company has not yet given any information about the price of this phone.