Google launches a paper phone to avoid smartphone addiction


Smartphone has caught you today. People spend most of their time with smartphones. To avoid this habit, Google has launched a new phone. It does not allow you to take a Pixel'esque selfie. It also does not allow you to call. Actually, there is nothing in it.

Google's newly launched phone is a printable paper phone that helps you take comfort from your digital world. Google has launched an application named 'Paper Phone' under its initiative "Digital Wellbeing", which aims to help users reduce smartphone addiction.

Google's paper phone helps you take a 'digital detox' by printing a personal booklet of important information on that day. The Paper Phone app allows you to choose what to include in your favourite contacts, maps and meetings, and then print them directly on a sheet of paper.

Its purpose is also to take a print out of the things you need and include it in your personal booklet. A paper phone allows you to select information such as contacts, maps, meetings, task lists or weather. You can take a print of this information. Special Projects Studio has designed it.

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Experts say that printing one paper a day produces 10 grams of carbon dioxide a year. Whereas your phone produces 1.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year for every hour of use per day.