Google has now banned these 11 apps! If you have these on the phone then delete it immediately or else ...


Another incident has been revealed by Android apps to harm users by injecting malware on their smartphones. According to Check Point researchers, about 11 apps were identified that were infected with the infamous clown malware. Google has been tracking these apps since 2017 and has finally removed them from its Play Store.

Check Point researchers discovered a new version of Joker malware that was present inside legitimate apps. Android users who can install any of these applications should immediately remove these applications.

Look at these apps



3. com.hmvoice.friendsms

4. com.relax.relaxation.androidsms

5. com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)

6. com.peason.lovinglovemessage

7. com.file.recovefiles

8. com.LPlocker.lockapps

9. com.remindme.alram


According to the researchers, the app was subscribing to premium services on behalf of users without their knowledge. This means that he was robbing you of your money without actually subscribing to these services. Hackers developed an old way of getting inside apps that they could pass to the protection of Google Play.

Check Point stated that despite the security features of Google Play, clown malware is still very difficult to detect. It may still return to the Play Store.

Earlier this year, Google released a report stating that it had detected and removed 1,700 malicious apps from the Play Store. These bread apps are clowns with malware. Google stated that these apps were removed before users could download them.