Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten that will leave Pakistan, know the whole matter


Big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have once again threatened to leave Pakistan. The Asia Internet Coalition has warned the Government of Pakistan that Pakistan's current digital censorship is a direct attack on freedom of expression. Explain that this organization represents tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter in Asia. The Asia Internet Coalition and critics believe that the authority of the Government of Pakistan to censor digital content has been given by the Government of Pakistan with the aim of curbing freedom of expression in the Islamic nation. Let us know that in February this year, these social media companies had said that if the government does not amend their rules then they will leave Pakistan.

What is in digital censorship law of Pakistan?

In fact, in the digital censorship law that has been made in Pakistan, no scale has been set regarding objectionable content. In such a situation, anyone can consider content as objectionable and appeal to the social media companies to remove it. These companies will have to remove the content within 24 hours of the appeal, while in an emergency this limit will be 6 hours. Under this censorship, there is also a provision to share information related to subscribers, traffic, content, and accounts with intelligence agencies. Apart from this, social media companies are required to give decrypted data of users to investigative agencies selected by the Pakistani government. In such a situation, Pakistan wants to interfere in people's personal lives completely.

There is a provision for a fine of Rs 50 crore

According to the new law, these companies will have to open their permanent office in Pakistan. Apart from this, a locus server will also have to be created. Also, the accounts of Pakistanis living outside Pakistan will have to be monitored. There is a provision of a fine of Rs 50 crore for breaking the law. The companies have written in their letter that the Digital Censorship Act of Pakistan is a violation of the privacy and freedom of expression of 70 million internet users. If this law does not change then you will have to leave Pakistan.