Google deleted 50 million reviews to improve TikTok's rating


In the recent few days, Ticketock has suffered a lot in the battle between YouTuber and TikTok users. Tittock's rating was 4 to 2 and then 1.2 stars. The microblogging site Twitter followed the Bain Ticketock trend. It was the first time since its launch in India that TikTock's rating fell so low, while TITTOCK's rating now stands at 1.5 stars and has been reviewed by 2.2 crore users.

It is reported that Google has started deleting Users Reviews to improve the rating of TicketLock. Robert Elekes has tweeted and claimed that Google is constantly deleting reviews to improve Ticketcock's ratings. After the review was deleted, TicketLock's rating has gone from 1.2 to 1.6.

According to Robert Elekes's tweet, when TickTock had a rating of 1.2 on the Google plate-store, there were 28 million reviews at the time, but now the rating has reached 1.6, the number of reviews has gone up to 27 million. At present the reviews of Tiktok are 2.2 crores i.e. 50 lakhs have been deleted.

What is YouTube vs TikTok controversy?

A video between YouTuber Carrie Minati and Tittock influencer Aamir Siddiqui is the root of the entire conflict. YouTube recently deleted a video of Carrie Minati. YouTube posted Carrie Minati's video for violating the terms and conditions, but there was a ruckus on social media that Aamir Siddiqui had complained about the video, after which the video was deleted.

After this, at the request of her fans, Carrie Minati made a video against Ticketock influencer Aamir Siddiqui in which she pulled Aamir and this video created a ruckus. Carrie Minati pulled Ticktock in away.

After this, YouTubers like Ashish Chanchalani, Bhuvan Bomb also joined Carrie Minati. Actually, Aamir Siddiqui had said in a video that there is more and more good content on YouTube than TickTalk. YouTuber steals ideas from Tittock and makes videos.