Good news for PUBG lovers! The game will return for Android user soon! Click here to know the launch date


There is good news for millions of PUBG lovers in India, PUBG Corporation, which owns PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile India, and PUBG Mobile Light Titles, has established its Indian subsidiary and registered the company in India.

The company is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a payment of Rs 5 lakh. The company was registered on 21 November and it is expected that PUBG Mobile India will be launched soon.

As per the update, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile India will initially be available only to users on the Android platform. It is likely that the company will release the game to iOS users after a few days.

The new company is registered in Bengaluru which means that the company can keep Bengaluru its headquarters for the Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation and PUBG Mobile India will control the operations of the game.

Kraftan's head of corporate development, Sean (Hyunil) Sohan, has been appointed as one of the two directors of PUBG Mobile India. The second director is Kuma Krishnan Iyer.

Earlier, PUBG Corporation announced its plans to invest US $ 100 million in a new company that would operate as an Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation.