Gadgets Info: Beware of buying medicines and oxygen! Fraud on WhatsApp and Payment AppGadgets Info: Beware of buying medicines and oxygen! Fraud on WhatsApp and Payment App


Social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook have now become a place for users where people are using them for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and other information related to Kovid-19. Many of the leads or information found in these posts are helping a lot of people. But for many, these leads are also becoming dangerous. Inaccurate and fake information is also going viral on these platforms, which are being exploited by fraudsters.

There are also fake tweets on social platforms where payment details are also given. Many times these tweets also support influencers. In such a situation, it has become very important for the users to stay away from such tweets. If users are taking help from anyone through these platforms, then call that person and check whether the service that you want is really giving or not, after that also verify his given bank details. A Twitter user @Sugandhk has highlighted how these scams are happening on Twitter. He said that the scammers are selling ten times more than the supplier medicine and cylinders, depending on the need of the customers.

If you are buying the help of a doctor or oxygen, then know this important thing. If you are thinking of going to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to buy help or an oxygen cylinder for Kovid, then be careful. Because many such cases are coming up where the fraudsters are taking advance money from people by becoming fake doctors and suppliers and then blocking that user. These thugs ask WhatsApp Pay, Google Pay and Paytm to transfer money. As soon as they get the money, they immediately block you, after which you will neither be able to call them nor will the message go to them. There have been many such revelations in the recent reports in which it has been said that due to the demand for oxygen cylinders, many users are making haste and are falling prey to such gangs.

In this way avoid this scam

>> For this, first check that from where you got the help lead, whether it is right or not.

>> Most scammers were always contacting you through WhatsApp so that they can easily block you by taking money.

>> By the way, there is no verification by calling. So check that supplier.

>> In addition, never pay in advance, as well as after getting the full service, you make full payment to it.

>> Along with this, we have been taking information about Fraud Alerts on Twitter and also inquiring others, so that you can avoid Fraud.

>> Google recently reported that scammers often post the bourgeois authority sources that people use the most. Therefore, you can directly go to the Health Ministry website and get information about them.