From December 6, Jio's 84-day plan will cost so much, must read


All telecom companies have released the list regarding their new tariff plans. Airtel and Vodafone Idea have recently introduced their new plans.

Jio recently announced that it will increase all its unlimited plans by 40%. This will affect the pocket of customers as they will have to pay more to buy their preferred plan. This announcement of Jio created an atmosphere of panic among the customers.

Expensive tariffs will be applicable from 6 December:

Jio has announced that it will introduce expensive tariffs from 6 December. In such a situation, if your Jio plan expires before December 6, you can do another recharge and include it in Q. With this, you will not have to do an expensive recharge after 6 December.

The 84-day plan will cost so much:

Jio has announced the imposition of expensive tariffs. On the other hand, new estimated prices of Jio plans have been started. The new price of the preferred 84-day plan will be around 558 with a 40% increase. Which is shocking. Because till now Jio customers were taking advantage of cheap offers. But now they have to undergo expensive recharge.