Four types of Chinese app make bumper earnings in India, ban decision will be heartbreaking for them


The boycott of China in India had been happening for a long time, but after the border dispute, the matter has caught up. A few days ago, Indian intelligence agencies warned the government about 52 Chinese mobile apps and advised the people of the country not to use them, whereas now the Indian government has officially banned 59 Chinese apps. The government has also asked telecom companies to block these apps on their network. You can see the list of all the apps by clicking here. The first name in this list is of Tiktok and in addition names of apps like Halo, the popular document scanner app Cam Scanner. Let's know about those four Chinese apps which earn big money from India ...

China is eyeing about 80 million users of India

The mobile app market in India is quite important for China. About 800 million smartphone users in India read the news on mobile, play games, make short videos, and use social media apps. For the last two months, there was talk of a boycott of Chinese product and now the government has imposed a ban, although it will harm both China and India financially the security of the country cannot be compromised at any cost. In India, China earns the most from four types of apps.

Short video app and DIY app are big markets

First- shopping and loan app (economic app)

Second- makeup, selfie, photo editing i.e. vanity app

Third- sound recorder, call recorder, screen recorder (apps with nuisance value)

Fourth - Chinese propaganda apps broadcast in India.

The market for mobile apps is occupied by three major Chinese companies, including Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. This decision of the Government of India has given a big blow to these companies. You can get a sense of how big the Chinese apps market is in India, that 30 percent of the total users of Tittock are in India and 10 percent of its revenue goes from India.