Follow these tips if the battery of the smartphone runs less! The battery life will increase


In today's time, everyone uses smartphones but there are many apps in the smartphone and due to that the battery of the phone gets discharged very quickly. The phone then has to be charged again and again. In such a situation, today we are telling you some simple tricks so that you can easily increase the battery life of the mobile.

- Keep your phone's GPS location on. The battery consumes quickly due to its own. So close it.

- Nowadays dark mode has come in smartphones. The screen goes dark in this. This saves the battery.

- Many times many background apps are activated on our mobile. This drains the battery very quickly. So you can go to the Settings of the app and select the 'Don't run in background' option.

- Many apps have now removed their lite version. In this case, you can save the phone's battery by downloading them.