Flix Breeze TWS 110 Review: Made in India earbuds with 400 days warranty


Flix, the new company of domestic smart accessories brand Beetle, entered the audio product market only last year. Flix has introduced its first wireless earbuds with Flipkart, the Flix Breeze TWS 110. The company claims that the TWS 110 will get pure bass sound, effective noise isolation, and better music control. It is priced at Rs 1,499 and can be purchased with a warranty of 400 days, although it is available on Amazon for Rs 1,334. The Flix Breeze TWS 110 has been launched in the market with a sliding charging case. We have used Flix Breeze TWS 110 for a few days. Let us know in the review whether Beetel's age-old test is being found in the brand new Flix Breeze TWS 110 or not?

Flix Breeze TWS 110 Review: Design

The design of the Flix Breeze TWS 110 is a bit special. In the Indian true wireless earbuds market, you will find earbuds of this design very rarely and even if you get it, you will get a premium segment. The charging of Flix Breeze TWS 110 comes with a slider. You have to rotate the charging case clockwise or anti-clockwise. A large fiber display is given above the charging case, which gets information about the battery.

Apart from this display charging status, you can also see the battery level of each of the buds. The charging case is covered with a silicone coating, which ensures good gripping and does not slip from the hands. Buds fit well. It will not fall from the ears during a workout. These earbuds are compact and lightweight. Its unique design features anti-slip earplugs that make the earbuds fit snugly in your ear. There is no pain in the ears when used for a long time. The total weight of the buds and case is 52 grams. Overall, its design is premium and compact.

Flix Breeze TWS 110 Review: Performance

Flix Breeze TWS 110 These earbuds are equipped with 8 ms drivers. Although the size of the driver is not big in this, but the bass is good, although the company's claim is of extra bass. For connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 has been given in it, whose connectivity range is up to 10 meters. The sound is good and the sound is not bad at full volume. It is a bit difficult to hear every single bit of music but the sound is clear. With the iPhone 12, we had a good calling experience.

Connectivity breaks when you move away from the phone. No problem staying close by. There is no problem like connection breakage. There is no touch support in the buds. Button support is available in both the buds for control, although the button is not hard and it is not difficult to operate. So overall the performance of the Flix Breeze TWS 110 in its price segment will be said to be good.

Flix Breeze TWS 110 Review: Battery

12 hours of backup has been claimed regarding its battery. A 300mAh battery is provided with the TWS 110 earbuds, which is a charging case. Information about the battery of the earbuds has not been given. The micro USB port is available in these buds for charging.

During the review, it took us about 2 hours to fully charge it. Talking about the backup, the backup of Buds is about 3.30 hours. The buds can be charged three times with the charging case. In such a situation, the battery backup is not great, but it will be called good.