FAU-G game to be launched on January 26, know 5 important things related to the game


The Indian gaming app FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) will be launched next week i.e. on 26 January. It has been developed by nCORE Games. The FAU-G game is depicted in Indian uniforms, which can be seen in the Ladakh region taking on enemies. Know 5 important things related to the game before the launch of the FAU-G game.

PUBG will not compete

The FAU-G game was announced in September 2020, shortly after the PUBG game ban in India. In such a situation, the Made in India game FAU-G was being considered as an alternative to PUBG. But nCore game founder Vishal Gondal told Indian Express in an interview that the FAUG game is already being built. In this case, it should not be compared to PUBG.

Battle royal mode will not be there, multiplayer mode will be available

Battle Royal gameplay mode will not be found in FAUG games. In this, many players will be able to play simultaneously. Support of this kind of multiplayer mode will be found in PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile recently.

There will be war in Galvan valley

The first teaser of the FAUG game featured the Galvan valley in the Ladakh Valley, where a scuffle took place between the soldiers of China and India. The teaser featured the song of the game, where Indian soldiers could be seen fighting the enemy.


The items of war can be seen in the FAUG game. It will have support for the Asalt rifle, Meele weapon.

Game pre-registration

The pre-registration of the FAUG game began in December last year. Users will be able to register the player for the game from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Around one lakh people had registered during the 24 hours after registration started.