Fastag: If these questions also come to your mind, then read the answers here


It is now mandatory for everyone to fasten while traveling by car. After the stop of cash payment on toll, now this card on the front mirror of every vehicle is the main tool for paying road tax. People still have many questions about Fastag. For example, how to recharge it and if there is no fastag on the car then what will happen?

What is Fastag?

It is an electronic toll collection technique, which works on the toll plaza of the National Highway. The sensors on the toll plaza scan it and take the fixed amount from the account. This device uses radio frequency identification technology, which is quite strong.

Why did Fastag come?

Manual toll collection used to be jammed for hours on the highway amidst the increasing number of trains. Such fast technology was needed to keep the traffic running smoothly.

Where to get fastag?

You can get your fastag from home by contacting Paytm or your bank. If you do not want to do this, then at any toll you can get Fastag based on your RC and mobile number, which starts working immediately.

How to recharge Fastag?

You do not need to recharge it. Fastag is not recharged like a mobile. It is directly connected to your account and money is deducted every time you cross the toll. If you have to recharge with Fastag Paytm or Google Pay etc. then there should be an available balance in the wallet, otherwise, the card will not work.

How many fastags possible on a car

A car has only one fastag. It is not possible for people who think that they will run fast on a train with the fast tag of a train because your car number is recorded in digital data and it is necessary to match them when you are crossing the toll. If the fasting disappears, you can take the second fast and as soon as the second fasting is active, the first one will automatically become inactive.

If not fastagged

If your car is not fastened, you may be forced to pay a heavy fine. So keep in mind that do not go on the highway without a fastag.