Fact Check: Is corona spreading from sewage line and toilet also?


There are many rumors going on in the country regarding the coronavirus. Everyone is turning into a doctor on social media. Thousands of prescriptions of Coronavirus are going viral on WhatsApp. Some are claiming that putting lemon juice in the nose will cure the corona, while some are saying that the corona will die by lying in the sun, but it is important for you not to pay attention to all these rumors and claims. You should do what the government and doctors are advising. Meanwhile, a message is becoming quite viral, claiming that corona infection is also spreading from the sewage line and toilet pipeline.

It is written in the message, 'Very important! Especially for those who live in a flat in a multi-floor building. As the corona is spreading like wildfire, people of some multi-story buildings/colonies of Delhi are getting infected. If someone in an upstairs flat is infected, the people in the downstairs flat are also getting infected while there is no contact between them, although these people are using the same lift. Many doctors have found in their research that the infection is spreading due to all the flats having the same sewage line. The solution to this problem is that whenever you use the toilet, use a flush with a disinfectant. This will not spread the infection to other people living in that building. '

In this regard, we spoke to Dr. Jugal Kishore, Chairman of the Department of Medicine of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi. Doctor Jugal Kishore told us on this viral message that there is a possibility of infection with the use of a single lift, but no evidence of infection has been found from the sewage line yet. As far as the use of a single toilet is concerned, if someone spits in the toilet or coughs and drops on the wall or any other surface of the toilet, contact with it can cause infection. Bathing and spitting of an infected person can cause a virus in the drain water, but after finding it in a river or in the drain itself, no research has been done about its density.

Central Pollution Control Board fears

A few weeks ago, the Central Pollution Control Board also told the government that infection could be spread through sewage pipelines. In such a situation, PPE kits and debris have to be considered to be disposed of properly, although the Central Pollution Control Board has also expressed the possibility of spreading the infection through sewage. There has been no confirmation of this.

Research in china

Last year, a report by sciencedirect also expressed fears that the virus could be spread through the drainpipe in the bathroom. A team of researchers from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC), University of Utah, and Nanjing Medical University conducted research on the infection of SARS-CoV-2. It was confirmed in the report that if someone is infected in an upstairs flat, there will be viruses in the pipeline coming out of his bathroom and toilet, although how these viruses will reach humans is still a secret.