Facebook: Now everyone will be a rapper, with this app, you will be able to record rap songs at home like a studio


Facebook has made another attempt to give a ticket to Tiktok. The company has launched its new app BARS in the competition of TickTalk. The BARS App has been introduced exclusively for rappers. The BARS App has been developed by the R&D team of Facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE). The BARS App is currently in beta testing but will be made available to everyone soon.

With the help of the BARS app, users will be able to create rap songs with the help of the tools present in the app. Facebook's NPE team says that users will not need any other app or tool for a simple rap song. Only rap songs can be made through the BARS app.

Although there are many short video apps in the market, the BARS app is a little different. In this, users will be able to create content in rap style. It has pre-recorded bits that are similar to professional-style rap. The app will also give you information about rhyming so that your song is not spoiled. This app also has a challenge mode.

Once the lyrics are complete, BARS will give the app audio and visual filters as suggested so that you can improve your wrap content further. Many modes like Clean, Auto Tune, Imaginary Friend, and AM Radio have been given in the app.

You will also be able to save the rap video of BARS and share it directly on social media platforms. The BARS app can currently be downloaded from Apple's app store in the US, although being in the beta version, only a few users can download it.