Even after being banned, Tiktok gave up to four lakh bonus to Indian employees


BiteDance, a company owned by the banned App Ticketcock and HELLO in India, has given millions of rupees as a bonus to its Indian employees. Bytdance had said earlier this month that it would give cash bonuses to its Indian employees. Bytdance has given Rs one to four lakh rupees as a bonus to employees working full time between July and August. Explain that the number of employees of ByteDance in India is more than two thousand.

At the same time, the company has given up to Rs 50,000 as a bonus to some middle-class employees. A few days ago, a Bloomberg report said that employees working between July and August would receive a bonus that would be 50 percent of the August salary. Let us tell you that on 29 June, the Government of India imposed restrictions on 59 Chinese apps.

At the same time, quoting sources, BiteDance has not done any retrenchment in India yet nor has cut the salary of any employee. It is also reported that during the app ban, the company has recruited some people in the sales team.

Let me tell you that in a recent blog ByteDans has said that Ticketcock will own 80 percent of the new US company, while US President Donald Trump has said that if Tytock Global is controlled by ByteDance, the new company will be approved. Will not be given.

The Trump administration said on Friday that it would not back down from the plan to ban the download of the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Let us know that the matter is going to be heard in the court on Sunday. The US Department of Commerce has ordered Apple and Google to remove WeChat and TikTok from their app store, while now US District Judge Carl Nichols has stayed the order.