Error: Bad computer stopped the work of Hubble Space Telescope, problem in getting astronomical pictures


The Hubble Space Telescope has stopped working in space. The instrument is not working due to a technical glitch in the Hubble Space Telescope computer. US space agency NASA has given this information. A computer from the 1980s of the Hubble Telescope, which has done countless discoveries in space for the past 30 years, has malfunctioned. The US space agency NASA said that with the help of this Hubble computer, science-related instruments were controlled.

Memory board error

The Hubble Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit in the year 1990. Astronomical pictures from space stopped due to computer failure. Also, information about other activities taking place in space is also not being received. The Hubble Telescope was developed as a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency. NASA said that since the evening of June 13, Hubble has stopped working. NASA said that Hubble suddenly stopped working due to a problem with the memory board.

However, NASA scientists tried to reboot the system, but the problem kept recurring. Scientists are now trying to secure the backup memory unit. As of now, the camera and other devices are reportedly in safe mode. Apart from this, scientists are planning to resume the work of monitoring space through other instruments.