Earn while chatting with this BSNL App, and get many other benefits!


BSNL has brought an Android app called My BSNL. There will be many features available in this app from bill payment to purchase of VIP number. It will also work for chat like Whatsapp. There will be no charge for the chat.Users of this app can use other operators other than BSNL. In this, they will not get the convenience of all the features.

The speciality of this app is that users who use it will be given rewards to watch the ad. After interacting with the ad contents, points will be credited to the user's account. According to the company, these points can be redeemed with partner brands. This app contains 18 categories. All tabs of entertainment are available in this category.

Users can also leave this program. They can also choose the frequency of how many ads they are viewing. The option of Bill Payments will also be given in this app. Users can also view their payment and transaction history in the app. One of the main advantages of my BSNL reward membership is that BSNL users will be able to access the adphone service.

With this help, users can chat with BSNL users on their phone just like WhatsApp. They can also see the information that the user will use. In this, if the user travels abroad, under the International Wi-Fi option, then BSNL users will be provided affordable Internet service. Users can also buy VIP numbers through this app, which can be activated in 48 hours from the customer service centre.