Do you want to earn by living in the village? So know this government scheme


Many people have the desire to earn while living at their village-house, while many people like to earn by staying away from the village. At present, due to the spread of infection, lakhs of people have reached their villages, many of whom are working from home, but many people are not able to work from home. If you too are educated and want to do something from the village itself, then the government has a scheme which can help you. Let's know ...

Under the government's Digital India, you can earn your income by opening a common service center in your village. The objective of this scheme is to make rural youth entrepreneurs and to bring the benefits of Digital India to villages. Let's know about the process.

If you are ready to open a normal service center and you know how to run a computer, then first go to and register for a common service center. At the time of registration, you will have to pay Rs 1,400.

During registration, you will also have to upload a photo of the place where you want to open the center. After filling the form you will get an ID from which you will be able to track your application.

After the application is accepted, you will be trained. After this, you will get a certificate. Along with the certificate, you will be allowed many services that are not available to a normal cybercafe.

You can work online, mobile, and DTH recharge along with booking of an online course, CSC market, agricultural services, e-commerce sale, train tickets, air and bus tickets at your center. Apart from this, you will be able to do many government works, including making a PAN card, making a passport. The government will not take money from you for these works. You can decide the cost of work according to your village.