Did you know a hidden camera can be installed in a trial room or hotel room, find out how


If you are in the trial room or bathroom of a showroom or a shop, then check the glass installed there. To test the camera hidden in the mirror, first place a finger on the mirror. If there is a gap between the finger placed and the finger visible in the mirror, then there is no camera attached to it. If there is no gap between the finger and the visible finger on the glass and they are visibly connected.

So this means that, from the other side of the mirror, you are being monitored. And a hidden camera has been installed at that place. Apart from this, if you go to the trial room, your phone network goes away or if the call does not come from your number, then it should be understood that there is a camera there.

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Identify with smartphone

By the way, there are many such applications on the play store, with the help of which you can get information about hidden cameras. For this, you will have to install it on your smartphone. After this, you have to go to any public or private place and turn this app on the smartphone. After which you will get the option of Start to Detect, after selecting this, this app will start scanning hidden cameras around you.

Whenever a camera location is found on your smartphone, then red or black light will appear on your screen. With which you will be able to easily find out where at the place your spy is being done by putting a camera.