Cyber ​​Fraud- Now you will get your money back if money is stolen from a bank account


Withdrawals from ATM or cabinet cards are becoming more common these days. Cybercriminals shop with a credit card without falling into someone else's hands. By the time we realize it is too late and only one transaction (mobile transaction) message arrives on our mobile and we know how much we have lost.

But now the government has formed a team of experts to recover the amount from Cyber ​​Financial Ford. This team will be called the Cyber ​​Forensic Expert. With the help of this team, work is underway to build laboratories across the country. This team of 12615 people will have three types of experts. Home Ministry officials told the Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs that these people would help in cases such as financial fraud and would help them get their money back through it.

Officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs also told the Parliamentary Committee of the portal that the portal was set up so that you can file a complaint at home. Apart from this, the person will no longer need to go to the police station for this. Victims will be able to register their complaints on this portal created in the name of cybercrime sitting at home. After the complaint is filed, the investigating officer concerned will contact the victim himself.

Under this, cyber crimes against women and children can also be reported here. In such a case the information of the complainant will be kept confidential.