Create your virtual visiting card on Google, this is the way


If you too have a clue that your name does not appear in Google search, then this news is for you, because in this news we will show you how to create a virtual visiting card on Google. Let's know.

First of all, let us tell you that Google has released the feature of Virtual Visiting Card in search results. To create a virtual visiting card, you must first go to your Google Chrome browser and type Add Me to Search.

After this, the first link has to be clicked. After this, the profile photo in your Gmail ID will appear. After this, you will have to put your information on it. Keep in mind that you give the information that you want to make public.

For the Google Virtual Visiting Card, you have to provide some information about what you work in, which institute you work in, where you live, where you have studied. After giving complete information, click on preview and then save. After this people will be able to search you on Google.

Google's virtual visiting card is currently available to mobile users and can be used in English only. Google has named this virtual card as 'People Cards'.