Covid 19: You have also received this message of vaccine registration, So delete immediately, clicking will be very expensive


Corona vaccine has been in place in India for the last three months, but it was not as long as the chaos spread around the 18-45-year-old vaccine. Since May 1, people aged 18–45 years have been announced to be vaccinated but most people are not getting slots, so many states have cited a lack of vaccine. On May 1, ie, the first day of registration of 18-45-year-olds, the Kovin portal crashed, which is now being used by hackers.

The government has prepared the Cowin portal for the registration of the vaccine, but a viral message is being shared on social media, claiming that it can be registered for the vaccine by clicking on the link found with this message and Vaccine can be administered quickly. A link is also being sent with this message, after clicking on it, a fake app is being downloaded to the phone.

Cybersecurity firm ESET has issued an alert regarding this message. The company has cautioned people that people can be harmed financially through the link and app that is being received with this message. In addition, data theft can also occur. By downloading the app containing malware in your phone through the link found with this message, hackers can break into the phone and steal the information of the backing app.

The app, which is downloaded from the link that is being received with the message, is taking permission for many apps like gallery, message, camera. The name of this app has been named COVID-19, while the truth is that the government has not launched any app with this name. So if you have also received such a message, then you should delete it and not forward it to anyone.

Let us tell you that registration for the Corona vaccine is being done from the Kovin portal, Arogya Setu App, and Umang App. The government has also started a WhatsApp chatbot to provide information about the vaccine center. Apart from this, you can get information about the nearest Corona Vaccine Center on Google Maps and Kovin portal without login.