Covid 19 Vaccine: These four features can be added to Arogya Setu and Cowin for the convenience of the people


Approval has been given to the vaccine for people aged 18-45 years. Crores of people have also registered, but people are not getting empty slots for the vaccine. People are searching for the day-night slot on the Kovin app but have to come back empty-handed. The major reason for this is the lack of vaccines. Recently, the Bihar government has received only 3.50 lakh doses for people aged 18-45 years. There is a lot of resentment about Cowin's system. If some improvements are made to the Kovin and Arogya Setu App, then this problem can be solved. Let's know about it ...

Vaccine alert

If people are informed about the availability of the vaccine in the Kovin portal and Arogya Setu App, then the work will be much easier. After the vaccine is available at a center, the portal should be updated, after which the notification will be given to all those who have already registered. The portal can be updated at least every half an hour.

Auto Login to Arogya Setu App

Auto-login or pin-based login system can be given in the Arogya Setu app. Currently, the Arogya Setu app has to be repeatedly logged in with the OTP for the availability of the vaccine. In this app, a PIN-based login system like IRCTC can be given.


About 55 crore people in India still use feature phones. In such a situation, it is very difficult for them to get information about the vaccine on the Kovin portal or Arogya Setu App. The solution is that Sarkara should launch a USSD code service like * 99 # BHIM service so that people with feature phones can also learn about the availability of the vaccine and register.

Booking for the paid vaccine based on prior setting

Another change that can be made in the Kovin portal is to provide automatic booking for those who want to take the vaccine by paying money. If they have already registered, they should be informed about the slot through the message as soon as the vaccine is available.